Tack Racks and Leash Racks from Animal Artistry, LLC

Now you can hang our dog’s or cat’s leash or the tack for your horse in style with the tack racks and leash racks painted by Cynthia Valesio of Animal Artistry, LLC. Her work is amazingly detailed with realistic expressions, body features, and intricate coloration. Each piece is so beautiful it can be hung and used as a decorative item in your home.

As a Dog Artist, Cynthia Valesio Captures the Personality of Your Best Friend

Cynthia will meticulously hand-paint your dog on a wooden leash rack. The shape of your favorite pet is cut out of the wood and the rack has two wooden pegs for holding leashes. Now you’ll always be able to easily reach your dog’s leash when he or she needs to go for a walk. Cynthia has even been know to paint leash racks for acts too!

The Tack Racks with Paintings of Horses Add a Nice Touch to Tack Rooms

Although a celebrated dog artist, Cynthia paints more than dogs. If you would like to use one or more of these attractively painted pieces for your tack room, paintings of horses would be apropos. Her paintings of horses are intricately detailed and showcase the beauty and personality of your horse on this stylish tack rack.

Animal Artistry, LLC can create custom portraits of your favored companion. For custom portraits of your dog, cat or horse, add $30.00 per pet to the price listed below. Questions on our tack racks and leash racks? Contact Animal Artistry, LLC today.

1 Dog, Cat or Horse
Item # CDVAL5001
Price: $89.95
Purchase Tack/Leash Rack - One Pet
Custom – 1 Dog, Cat or Horse
Item # CDVAL5001_C
Price: $119.95
Purchase Tack/Leash Rack - Custom One Pet
2 Dogs, Cats or Horses
Item # CDVAL5011
Price: $109.95
Purchase Tack/Leash Rack - Two Pets
Custom – 2 Dogs, Cats or Horses
Item # CDVAL5011_C
Price: $169.95
Purchase Tack/Leash Rack - Custom Two Pets
3 Dogs, Cats or Horses
Item # CDVAL5021
Price: $124.95 
Purchase Tack/Leash Rack - Three Pets
Custom – 3 Dogs, Cats or Horses
Item # CDVAL5021_C
Price: $214.95
Purchase Tack/Leash Rack - Custom Three Pets

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