On Slate, Animal Artistry, LLC Creates Beautiful Dog Paintings, Paintings of Horses and is a Cat Artist

If one of your best friends is your pet, you must take a look at the beautiful dog paintings, cat paintings and paintings of horses from Animal Artistry, LLC. Each is lovingly and carefully hand-painted with amazingly realistic expressions, body detail, and intricate coloration. Cats are portrayed as only a cat artist can paint. Our dog paintings are so life-life you’ll be mesmerized. If you’re a horse lover, you’ll find Animal Artistry, LLC’s paintings of horses to be beautiful and majestic.

Your Pet’s Likeness Captured on Slate

Whether it is a cat, horse or dog, the paintings on slate will make a nice welcome to any home. Our paintings of horses can be a great addition to your tack room. Specify any breed and include a greeting like “Welcome,” or “We Love You.” Or, personalize it with your pet’s name or family name at no additional charge. You can select from Animal Artistry, LLC’s regular size (8″W at the base x 12″ tall), our large size (16″ x 14″ and 14″ x 12″) or our round slates (9 to 12″in diameter). Each slate includes a leather strap for hanging. For custom portraits, add $30.00 per pet to the price listed below. Note: A maximum of three pets per slate.

Regular Size Slates:

One Pet
Item #: DVAL3009
Price: $95.00
Purchase Regular Size Slate-One Pet
Custom – One Pet
Item #: DVAL3009_C
Price: $125.00
Purchase Regular Slate - Custom One Pet
Two Pets
Item #: DVAL3019
Price: $129.00
Purchase Regular Slate - Two Pets
Custom – Two Pets
Item #: DVAL3019_C
Price: $160.00
Purchase Regular Slate - Custom Two Pets

Large Size & Round Slates:

One Pet
Item #: DVAL100906K
Price: $119.95
Large Size Slate - One Pet
Custom – One Pet
Item #: DVAL100906K_C
Price: $149.95 
Large Size Slate - Custom One Pet
Two Pets
Item #: DVAL100906L
Price: $134.95
Purchase Large Slate - Two Pets
Custom – Two Pets
Item #: DVAL100906L_C
Price: $194.95 
Purchase Large Slate - Custom Two Pets
Three Pets
Item #: DVAL100906M
Price: $149.95 
Purchase Large Slate - Three Pets
Custom – Three Pets
Item #: DVAL100906M_C
Price: $239.95
Purchase Large Slate - Custom Three Pets

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