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This metal vase is a brand new item. You can use it as a vase or to hold your umbrellas. It stands 18″ tall and is beautifully hand-painted with your favorite breed. You can even customize it with your own pet’s portrait. For a custom portrait, add $30.00 to the prices listed below.

One Pet
Item #: DVAL100906D
Price: $79.95
Purchase Vase - One Pet
Custom – One Pet
Item #: DVAL100906D_C
Price: $109.95
Purchase Vase - Custom One Pet
Two Pets
Item #: DVAL100906E
Price: $94.95
Purchase Vase - Two Pets
Custom – Two Pets
Item #: DVAL100906E_C
Price: $154.95
Purchase Vase - Custom Two Pets
Three Pets
Item #: DVAL100906F
Price: $119.95
Purchase Vase - Three Pets
Custom – Three Pets
Item #: DVAL100906F_C
Price: $209.95
Purchase Vase- Custom Three Pets

Baby Shirts, Canvas Bags, TEES, and Sweatshirts

Take your favorite breed with you wherever you go.  Baby can even show off his or her furry friend.  Cynthia will imprint a canvas bag, baby shirts, TEES or sweatshirts from any of the pet paintings on this site.  For an additional $30 to the price listed below, you can have your own pet or pets imprinted on an item.  When ordering, please note size for clothing items.

Canvas Bag
Item #: AACAN2010
Price:  $75.00

Purchase Canvas Bag

Canvas Bag – Custom
Item #:  AACAN2010-C
Price $105.00
Purchase Canvas Bag - Custom
TEE Shirt
Item #: AATEE2010
Price $75.00 
Purchase Tee Shirt
TEE Shirt – Custom
Item #: AATEE2010-C
Price $105.00
Purchase Tee Shirt - Custom
Baby T
Item #: AABTEE2010
Price $75.00 
Purchase Baby T
Baby T – Custom
Item #: AABTEE2010-C
Price $105.00
Purchase Baby T - Custom
Sweat Shirt
Item #: AASWSH2010
Price $75.00 
Purchase Sweat Shirt
Sweat Shirt – Custom
Item #: AASWSH2010-C
Price $105.00
Purchase Sweat Shirt

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